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Bruce Levine, PhD

From the President's Desk

A World Tour from Home

ISCT President Bruce Levine discusses the challenges and hidden opportunities around staying connected to the global community of ISCT in recent months, highlighting key techniques he has used to stay in touch. 

Commissioner for Cytotherapy

An Interview with Patrick Hanley

In this exclusive interview with Dr. Patrick Hanley, the newly appointed Commissioning Editor for Cytotherapy, official journal of the ISCT, learn about his role, his vision, and what we can expect during his tenure.

Interview by C. Russell Y. Cruz
Children’s National Medical Center
Washington DC

Ashley Krull, PhD
Cellular Therapy Fellow
Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN, USA
Twitter: @AshleyAKrull
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashley-krull/

From the Editors

The World According to Cellular Therapy Fellows

In this month’s editorial, contributing editor Ashley Krull provides an insightful dive into the experiences and challenges that she and three other fellows have encountered throughout their time as Cellular Therapy Fellows


Featured Member

Miguel Forte, MD, PhD

Take a few minutes to learn about Dr Miguel Forte, ISCT’s inaugural Chief Commercialization Officer, and share his passion for the great opportunities in the Cell & Gene Therapy field.

Dr. Forte’s career is a journey across the translational spectrum from clinical work on infectious diseases to academia, then to the regulatory world of the EMA and finally the commercial challenges of a Chief Executive Officer in the Cell and Gene Therapy sector.

Miguel Forte, MD, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Bone Therapeutics S.A.
Brussels, Belgium

Vicki Antonenas BSc, MSc in Med
Principal Scientist, Scientific Laboratory Director, BMT
Sydney Cellular Therapies Laboratory, Westmead Hospital
Sydney, Australia

Leadership Spotlight

Vicki Antonenas, BSc, MSc in Med

Vicki Antonenas credits the trajectory of her career  in Australian cell therapy to the opportunities afforded her by a supportive mentor, dedicated and hard working colleagues, and her participation in ISCT global and regional activities, personal relationships with her work colleagues, and those she has met through her ISCT roles have become a major factor in her productive and satisfying career.  

Novel Treatments for COVID-19: Regulatory Challenges and Collaborative Solutions

An Early Stage Professionals Perspective

Kevin Bosse, PhD, RAC

Regulatory submissions to the US FDA present unique challenges, even more so in the face of a global pandemic. In this article, we discuss the FDA’s response to COVID-19 Investigational New Drug applications, and present our experience filing an IND to treat COVID-19 infections with a cellular therapy product. 

Kevin Bosse, PhD, RAC
Director, Drug and Device Development
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
ISCT ESP Education Committee Co-Chair
Columbus, Ohio

Janet Macpherson, PhD
Product Specialist
Sydney Australia

The Committees of ISCT

Aims and Scopes

ISCT has formed a variety of committees aimed to address scientific, regulatory and industry focused issues and challenges in the field. Committees are truly international in composition and scope, and serve as an invaluable networking tool.

Over the coming months we will be bringing to you some highlights of the projects and deliverables from ISCT committees. In this issue we start by sharing details of the Scientific Committees, specifically the Aims and Scope of each.

Telegraft Editorial Board

Nancy H. Collins, PhD
Russell Cruz, MD
Satyam Arora, MD
Rounak Dubey, MBBS, MD

Shyam Bhakta, MD, MBA, FACC, FAHA, FSCAI
Ashley Krull, BSc, PhD
Anne Lamontagne, MSc
Janet Macpherson, PhD 
Lynn O’Donnell, PhD 
Michele Sugrue, MT 
Wouter Van’t Hof, PhD
Joaquim Vives, PhD