#ISCT2020 is a point of excitement –
Convenient. Flexible. Globally Accessible.

ISCT has a continued commitment to its members. This commitment goes beyond hosting a virtual conference and holding an acclaimed scientific program. 

We are committed to bringing our community together now, more than ever. 

We invite you to share your meeting experience with us.  
Reflect on what led you to the CGT field, and to joining, or finding an interest in, ISCT.

Let’s celebrate our Society.

Share Your Meeting Experience in the June 2020 issue of Telegraft!

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ISCT Early Stage Professionals

The perspectives of Early Stage Professionals are important at ISCT

As the future leaders of the CGT field, our ESPs bring a healthy balance of curiosity, potential, and achievement to the table. Take a look at some of their perspectives here, and learn about what inspires them to strive towards the apex of this evolving field